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Knap - FM24 and FM23 FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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Sometimes after an update tactics only appear to stop working, so you may need to use another tactic say ECHOES 41212 for a few games, and then change back to the tactic you were using.


Which tactics were you using?

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17 minutos atrás, knap disse:


Às vezes, após uma atualização, as táticas parecem parar de funcionar, então você pode precisar usar outra tática, como ECHOES 41212, por alguns jogos e, em seguida, voltar para a tática que estava usando.


Quais táticas você estava usando?

216 / 5.000
@knapI was using KASHMIR 451 P100 EC CP`86-P150=P336) , and it worked great with subtop/underdog teams.
But now unfortunately I haven't had good results anymore.
Any suggestions for tactics for subtop/underdog teams?


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Man Utd Season 2 with Kashmir 4123 = :applause:

Won everything.

League was a bit tight due to some bad away results, Liverpool blew a 10pt lead but we won it on the last day.

Overall, a very powerful tactic, athough we did concede a lot of goals. I should note that in some of the games where we dropped points we underperformed xG.

Champions League form was amazing.

Suggestion for others: Left footed F9 on left and right-footed F9 on right as they put 

Thanks again Knap, great tactic which is quite easy to build a squad for.






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3 hours ago, knap said:

ME 22.4

PREACHIN BLUES 451 P101 60%Possession


ME22.4PreachinBluesKnap451P10160%.fmf 45.63 kB · 79 downloads



The 60% Possession tactic is just insane with Arsenal




Video with the beautiful gameplay and a wide range of goals



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Hey Knap, if you get the chance can you retest the 4231 ParisKnap, please? Wondering if IFs would now be better with the supposed improvements.

Thanks in advance

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Hey Knapp! Just wondering if you might be able to try and make a:

4213 (2 defensive midfielders and 1 central midfielder) kind of similar to Ten Hag's Ajax tactics? i think that would be super cool!

Thank you for if you do get a chance to, i'll keep an eye out. 

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2 hours ago, knap said:


I would prefer to use more normal roles. 

I'm not sure what you mean? You've changed the original from Inverted Wingers to Inside Forwards. I was asking if you saw improvements with that change?

Longshot here, but do you think a Ball Winning Midfielder works with a Mezzala?

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