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Young players no development/worsening

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Firstly I have tried searching for the Tactics and training thread but somehow can't find it so please signpost me to it if this needs to be posted elsewhere..

With Liverpool my young players just aren't developing, hadn't realised until 3/4 through the season but players like TAA and Gomez have made 0 progress, not 1 attribute increase and a new signing Lucas Paqueta has red downward arrows all over the place.. I have left training to my assistant with the odd weekly schedule change but even so all 3 have been in my 1st team all season so I'd expect even if somehow my assistants training is way off surely the game time should allow progress?

I don't want to go as far as calling it a bug, hopefully someone has an explanation or is this normal (haven't played Full version since 2012). Thanks

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