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Dynamite 4-2-2-2 The Road to Glory - Guzzla

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first i would like to say that both of my tests were by doing holiday season so the potential is higher

i wil keep tweaking this tactic as we go




Thank you Knap for your corner setup, i couldn't bother getting into it so thanks as always :)

so first i tested it using a mid table team like Newcastle, a full holiday season.




with some crazy some results along the way: 



so it went pretty well, i don't have a pic with the last 3 games done but it was 2/1/0  and we ended first place.


i started testing some tweaks with the OI and i noticed that while using  this Oi :




only against weaker teams ! gave me much better results overall (i started using the OI only while playing away games vs weaker but pretty much started at the end using also in home games vs weaker as it gave me better results).


the usual Manu or any top team test (holiday season with OI vs weaker between games)





well enjoy , let me know what you think:


Dynamite - M.Guzzla.fmf




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