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4-3-3 Flat and Wide Help

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I have been trying to get the below setup working on a counter fluid basis, but its very inconsistent:



      DLP-S  BWM-D  DLP-S

W-A                               IF-S

The striker I have tried both F9-S and PF-S, I thought about the F9-S as they drop into the space an AM would normally drop plus they go wide, leaving space for my IF to attack, my W-A is also getting goals.  But although my DLP-S are getting chances at the edge of the area, they are also passing between themselves to much, slowing my counter...  I am pretty much using the default instructions for fluid counter apart from a couple of tweaks.

I think I need to look at more support for the front three:

1. Should I look to change the WB behind the IF to a more attacking role so that I get more width / crosses further up the pitch?
2. I think the DLP-S which I put in place to try and create more creative passing / through balls isn't working, so should I change one of them to say a BBM / MEZ to get another body into the box?
3. Should I go for a more focal point striker like the AF?

I like to attack through the middle with my playmaker, but I like the option of also playing out wide with my winger, just different types of attack depending on the opposition.

Any advice / pointers would be much appreciated.

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Strikers are broken- if you're using a tactic that relies on a striker dropping deep, you're gonna have a bad time. In my experience, you have to set up to use a CF(a) or higher. Also, the MEZ(a) role in attack seems to work well for a lot of people, and for me seems to effect an AP better than the AP role does.

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Regardless of the possible striker-related ME issue, if you want to play a fluid style of football, the first thing you need to make sure is your players overall have good passing, movement (off the ball) and first touch to begin with. For a counter-attacking tactic of any type, strong and solid defence (not just the back four, but overall defensive strategy) is a must.

As for your CM roles, what I see is that all 3 of them are holding ones (i.e. nobody providing attacking runs from deep). Plus 2 entirely same type of playmakers in the same line (DLPs). If one of your DLPs was changed to BtBM for example, I guess it would make your attacks a bit more potent. But always consider your players and their capabilities before making any final decision on tactics.

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