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Show players names during a match


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During a match, I like to see players names on top of their heads (especially of my own team, if I'm new to the club and don't know the players very well). But to do so, I have to manually click+ctrl every one of the players. Plus it has to be done every game and what's worse, any random click on the pitch erases the names, so the whole process has to be repeated again. I would really like to have a button (or an option) to automatically set players names (for only own team and both teams) visible during a game. Please make it so.

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On 15/12/2018 at 12:11, skam said:

I have it on. Still the only way to see players names when they are off-ball is to click on them. Unless I'm doing something wrong.

Hold the Control key on your keyboard and you can click on multiple players, even those off the ball.

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