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In-game Editor Used - "yes"


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annoyingly (im seasons into a main save)

I realised i hadnt ticked the block editor button. now ive not used it and have nothing to prove to anyone but myself but im a bit of an FM purest.

anyway heres my question. on game status screen it says "in-game editor used- yes"

now i dont even have the in game editor let alone use it so why does this come up on status screen?

I also host online games so dont want any accusations to crop up. ive googled but cant quite find the answer im looking for.

Only thing i can think of is i have the gibraltar leagues active but that was an official S.I download.

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i see this is moved to editor section. I thought it was more a general question as im not actually looking to edit anything.

On your game status screen does everyones say editor used- yes? even when you've not got it enabled.

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On 16/12/2018 at 12:47, KUBI said:

I think this happens when you load some .edt files at the start of the game.

thanks for reply

could you help me understand this a bit more. ive not altered the database in any way. only official SI stuff.

I have however removed the fake names and also selected the Gibraltar leagues add-on. could these beto do with the .edt files ?

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I had that same problem in 17. Even if I disabled the editor, it was checked as used, creating the paradox situation that in one line it read '[Editor] allowed: No    [Editor] used: Yes'

What was responsible were the custom database sets, particularly the continental and regional ones. Whenever I choose to load that many top or first-league players, it always checked the editor flag. 

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