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I apologize if this is being posted in the wrong place. I was enjoying my day, getting some FM19 time in and out of nowhere, while scrolling through my players profiles, a random player come out of nowhere. I cannot edit the player. I cannot remove him from the team. I cannot move him to my reserve or U19 team. It shows the player as on the roster but, when I click the contact tab all I see is, Offer Contract, as you would see when you are signing a new player or coach. 

Has anyone had this happen? What could the issue be? And, how do I fix it?

I have provided the random players profile and a shot showing the full roster, where his name is nowhere to be found on it. 

Thanks in advance.



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Yes. Yesterday I removed all extra files, skins, logopacks, facepacks, everything, took it down to the bare minimum. I uninstalled the game and cleared out any related files. I reinstalled the game, set up a new save using only one country as playable and the random players still showed up. 

I believe they are similar to Regen players. Only nothing can be done with them. They aren't even assigned to the team. I tried using the Move to Other Club with the editor and that didn't even work. 

Something I remembered last night and maybe this will help figure this out, while playing the game yesterday, out of the blue a started getting Channel Logged warnings. One after another for a bit. I never had that happen so I didn't think much of it. This issue started after those popped up. 

This morning I wiped my laptop completely to start from scratch. I removed all files as well as the Steam program and files. I have just finished reinstalling everything. I have no idea if this will solve the issue. We will see.


Even if it does, what happened yesterday, that forced me to lose every bit of information, all my saves, everything I have pulled together over the last couple of years, is a big problem. It has happened to other players and I have yet to see anyone come up with the reason why or a reasonable solution. They need to figure out what causes this. 

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