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A Director of Football Challenge with a twist!


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In this save I will be doing the standard DoF challenge with King's Lynn Town (who are expected to finish rock bottom of the EFL). However, I will be doing so in a custom database that I created. I have remade the English Football League to include 46 teams in each division, there are four levels in total. Each team plays each other twice so there will be 90 games in a league season for each team to play. I have removed all domestic cups in England. I have have left all continental and worldwide club and international cups alone though. In this save you can expect a lot of injuries/tired players as you can not make any substitutions whatsoever. To even this out though I have removed all homegrown/squad size rules and there are no transfer windows. There is no prize money for where you finish in the league. Instead you get money for winning, drawing and losing a game every game. You get more for losing a game than you do for winning/drawing a game. This is so some of the lesser sides can at least stand a chance against the bigger teams. There are also ten promotion/relegation places in each league.

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1 hour ago, phnompenhandy said:

Sounds nuts! Looking forward to seeing how it goes. How often will you be updating? It would be good to give brief updates on how things are panning out in the Premier League as you focus on Kings Lynn.

I have just finished my first season, this is how the Premier League looks. Unfortunately, I did not create the league sorting rules. So if you finish with the same number of points as another team (s), whether you finish above or below them is random. Oh well this adds to the fun I guess. I just hope I never get relegated by this rule.



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NINETY games - ha ha! Finishing positions seem to go according to reputations, so no great surprises there. With Kings Lynn, have you been playing the matches or Instant Resulting them?


I'm doing my own FM Career update story with a little East Anglian team that's a "Director of Football Challenge with a twist!" here:



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For the first season or two I will be using instant result (not going on holiday they don't use my tactics properly if I did it this way) to speed things up a bit. At the moment I want to see how the AI manages my transfer dealings. My team has a lot of money to spend yet we still have a low reputation as a club. After that I do plan on playing most matches. I will check your story out.


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End of season 2:

After winning promotion last season we managed to beat the drop this season. In terms of transfer dealings our Director still is yet to make a big money signing. Although, we did sign a good young full back from Northern Ireland on a free and made a profit overall. Well done Hampton & Richmond Borough who made it two promotions in a row. I plan on playing every match in future so expect each season to take a while.








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After being predicted to battle against relegation again, we defied all expectations and got our 2nd promotion in 4 seasons! With a few transfers I am pretty confident about staying up next year. We now go into the second tier with the aim of beating the drop.








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