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just before sacking - need help to understand tactical issues

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Hi guys

After playing my first save in fm19 with besiktas (media prediction 1st place), I am about to get fired after being only sixth in the league (after half season). I have to get 11 points in the next 5 games.... two local derbys away - so its hard to keep this job :)

I tried three different tactical styles (gegenpressing, controll possession and now dynamic counters) and formations (4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-3) according to my team strengthens. My main problem is to create chances and so to score goals. I am not only talking about ccc's. 

You will see at this statistics, which shows my position in creating chances table.



I am scoring almost from standards or long shots. No through balls or dribblings in the box. My forwards getting average rats under 6.80. Its not entertaining what I see from my team. 


Like I mentioned at the beginning: I've tried different tactics. Now I am using a dynamic counter tactic from the tactical templates. Because I didn't manage to get good results with attacking and possession tactics against weaker teams. 


These are the statistics from the last two games with this tactic:



I have no clou what more could I do, to get more power in the attacking phases. 

Thx for help

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Predicted top of the league & Cautious mentality don't seem to mix well, if other teams are playing similar mentalities, it'll be a struggle 

I'd maybe look to swap around the CM roles too, IF will look to be running into the same area as what the BBM will look to run into, you 'd open things up a little by having the RPM on the same side of the IF . Then on the other side of your midfield, you'd have the BBM running centrally with the Winger on the flank 

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Wait, are you Jose Mourinho? JK.

It's always tough at the top because teams adjust styles to you, so you have to almost counteract that. But you don't want to go to defensive or stray too far away from your normal tactics

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I think you'll be leaving Besiktas but provided you learn something from the experience then it's all good.

I think what has been your undoing here is the constant drastic changes to the tactic. You've gone from Gegenpressing to controlling possession to fluid counter-attacks. These approaches are so different and to expect your players to be able to so quickly (in the space of a few months) adjust to these completely different styles of play is very hard if not an impossible task. Familiarity must be really poor for the team which will impact their performances.

My advice to you is to choose an approach and stick with it. Watch and observe the games, assess what is working and what isn't then make small adjustments over time until you get from your players what you are looking for. I wouldn't assess the players in terms of performances (ratings) but in terms of whether they are doing what you've instructed and if they aren't why are they having difficulty.

For example, for an Inside Forward (Support) like you have in your tactic I'd be asking myself while watching the game questions like,

- Is he often in space to receive the ball?

- What kind of passes is he getting are they in the air or to his feet?

- Is there any space for him to dribble into when he receives the ball?

- Does he have good support and passing options around him?

- Are his runs creating space for anybody else?

I'd also try managing a club that isn't such a pressurized environment from the start until you've managed to refine what you're doing with respect to tactics.

Best Regards

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5 hours ago, Johnny Ace said:

Predicted top of the league & Cautious mentality don't seem to mix well, if other teams are playing similar mentalities, it'll be a struggle

I suppose his idea was to try to draw teams onto him and then hit them on counter because most sides would defend against Besiktas, but given that he is not very good at tactics, he opted to use some counter-attacking preset tactic, rather than making his own. So the basic idea isn't bad at all, the problem is implementation. You can play great counter-attacking football on higher mentalities, don't necessarily need to be cautious.

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