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Unable to Sign Free Agents/Loans

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Hi all. Hoping somebody can offer a definitive answer to a question I have (apologies if this is already out there and I have just been unable to find it!) 


Basically I have started a new LLM save with Concord Rangers in the Vanarama South. I selected "disable first transfer window" as I always have in previous FM versions. However unlike previous versions I can't sign any free agent or loan players. I read in another forum post that this was a bug and should be fixed but I wanted to check that it had been.


From what I can tell I should be able start signing free agents, loan players, etc from the end of the first Premier League transfer window on August 12th - is that right? I really don't want to have to wait until January to start wheeling and dealing, that's a lot of the fun of LLM after all! 


Thanks in advance for the help. 

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