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Finally got fm19! Question about how many leagues to load.

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It's the middle of the night, so most people would be asleep.


It's also not an easy question to answer. I don't care about speed, so I load all leagues. You do care about speed, so loading only a few nations will be what you're after. The fastest game will obviously be loading only 1 nation. As I said, it's a difficult question to answer and it's highly subjective. You might load 5 nations and find it's still fast enough for you. You might then load 6 nations and find it's now too slow for you.

You don't mention where you'll be managing, but maybe load the nation you're starting in plus a few key nations (especially ones you might want to manage in, in future) on that continent? 

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On 19/12/2018 at 00:35, Heywood JaBlowme said:

Not sure if the OP is aware of this, but you can always Add/Remove Leagues after you start a save so it's not a finite decision when you start a new career. 

Yup I know about that but I dunno why I never did that. 


I'm running 3 nations 6 leagues it's fast, I might try load some more.

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