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19.2 Patch

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4 minutes ago, Joel Micallef said:

I just purchased the game through steam 5 days ago through steam.  But when I load into the game into the advanced features to add playable leagues it says 19.1...  So confused


19.1 is the database. There weren't database changes in 19.2.

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14 minutes ago, Joel Micallef said:

so does it still run smoothly...  Sorry if these questions seem amateur, but when it comes to computers I am amateur as it gets!  But if you need a house built I'm your guy!

Haha, thanks for the offer. Don't worry about it. If you have questions, ask. I'm not sure about what it is you're asking now though? 


I can say this with certainty - 19.2 came out on 11 December and you only bought in 5 days ago, so it will definitely up to date.

If you do have performance issues, please report it in the bugs forum so you can get assistance from SI.

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6 minutes ago, Joel Micallef said:

Just confused, I keep hearing about this patch that fixes bugs in game!  Having just bought 2019 after playing on 2017 for the past 2 years.  Purchased it 6 days ago through steam!  Am I good?

Yes, that's what I'm saying. The update was 11 December and you purchased it 13 December, so it will automatically have downloaded the updated version of the game. One of the advantages of Steam. You are good.

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