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[FM19] The Memoirs Of Seth Bottomley


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Seth whoooooo I hear you asking.

A fictitious (but almost-legendary) defender who played for Port Vale.  Ah yes, the club which often generates the question - "where do Port Vale play?"  I digress though.  Seth was honoured with a eponymous titled fanzine in the 1990s, going head-to-head with Stoke's "Oatcake".  Googling to see what memories of TMoSB still exist turns up that the late John Peel was a fan.  Or at least he was sent copies which he mentioned on his late Radio 1 show.

Anyway, for many years I've had my hair cut by a Vale fan who, back in the day, always had copies to read whilst waiting for a short back 'n' sides.  Whilst the haircut has morphed into a #2 allover (there's no point in fighting the inevitable is there?), I've always had a soft spot for the team from Burslem, so where better to start my first game of FM19 than Vale Park?



I realised at this point I forgot to get a screen capture of Seth's outstanding coaching abilities, but suffice to say that as a local ex-pro, he's not going to be challenging for Coach of the Year on SPOTY anytime soon.

The Aim

The intention is to restore Vale to some of their former "glory", so some promotions back to the Championship would be a good start.  However, as I mentioned above, this is my first outing with FM19 (not to mention I skipped FM18), there's a lot to get my head round and it could well turn into a journeyman outing should Seth fall onto his rear-end.

The Squad

The first place to start...


I'm thinking we're not the strongest in the GK department...


The Tactic

Well, having looked at the squad, I quickly spotted 3 TMs and hardly any AMs, so I think "Get it in the mixer" looks to be order of the day.  Proponents of the beautiful game and total football may wish to look away now for now.  Let's start with the Wing Play template whilst I get to grips with the new tactics creator.


Initial tweaks are to change the left winger from W(s) to IW(s) to make more room for the FB/WB to bomb past and bombard the box with crosses.  I swapped the BBM(s) over to the right so he doesn't trip over the IW coming inside.

Next up - see if we can strengthen the squad (GK and LB look to need the most attention, though a good Poacher to play off the TM would be nice) and get into pre-season to see how a bit of hoofball performs.

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