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Question Regarding Custom Youth Team Competition


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Hi everyone. Quick question that I haven't been able to find an answer to...

I'm in the middle of creating a 16-tier, 27 division European Super League for myself and my mates to play. I've built custom leagues previously but I have a question regarding setting up a youth cup, which I have not done manually before.

I have manually set up regional youth leagues (Under 21's and 18's) for all the clubs I'm using in my edit, also with a straight knockout cup for both age groups. However, I also want to have an Under 18's 32-team Champions League style competition. The issue I have is that I want the Under 18's teams of the top two senior divisions to compete in it (16 teams each), with the clubs competing changing each season based upon who is competing in the top two senior tiers at that given time.

Is there any way to configure this? If I select for the competition to source teams from the senior divisions, will it automatically enter their Under 18's teams or will the tournament not function? If this will not work, is there a workaround at all?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!

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