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Since yesterday I have been dealing with a problem that absolutely nobody has a solution for. Keeping this simple, while I was playing FM19 yesterday I got a few different LOGGED TO CHANNEL ERRORS. After those popped up the game went crazy. All kinds of random, fake players started showing up on my team and a bunch of other ones. Nothing could be done with them, edited, moved, terminated, nothing. And, all of them had ridiculous attribute values. I have done everything possible to fix the issue, including restoring my laptop to factory settings, reinstalling the OS and reinstalling Steam and FM19. I was hoping doing this would clear the issue up. It did not. 

When I started a new save from scratch the random players still showed up on ever team. And, even more confusing, a bunch of player faces were showing up on their profile pages and certain kits were showing up on the club information pages. They faces were from the cutout face pack and the kits were FC12 Kits. I have used both every year i have played FM. This is crazy because after the factory restore I was not using any face packs, kit packs, third party skins, logos, or anything else in the save. I didn't even have any of those things downloaded onto the laptop this time around. How could those things possibly be showing up after I was running everything from scratch?

When the errors started showing up yesterday I was using FLUT Skin Dark. I had never used that skin before. I have never gotten any errors with any other face pack. I do not know if this problem came from something that had to do with that skin or not. What I need to know, does anyone know where those player faces and kits might be cached somewhere? It seems like this is a Steam and FM problem but I have no idea how those graphics keep showing up when I don't have any graphics on my laptop. Could it be something I can fix with the resource archiver? If anyone can figure out what this crap is I will owe you my life. This problem is crazy and I cannot figure out what to do with it. 

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As has been suggested by others this is not a skin issue if the problem persists when all custom graphics are removed.

Posting multiple times, in capitals and asking for help ASAP will not get you a response any quicker, you have also neglected to tell us the exact error messages so it makes it hard for anyone to assist you.

Searching the forums and Google is also your friend:



Follow the steps listed in the first link, and also get a DXDIAG report. Then post all of this detail in the technical help/bugs forum - including the EXACT error messages.



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