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Can't choose team when creating manager


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I'm trying to create NCAA competition in FM19. Exploring the editor that hasn't been easy but step by step it goes further but I'm facing some issues

1st - When adding the USA to be a playable league, I don't know what happen but sometimes it shows "Only MLS...." other time show only "NCAA and top leagues" and other times show both options, the last showing both options is the correct. Don't know why not showing at all the NCAA option or showing just it happens


2nd - After manager creation I'm able to choose the team but only the MLS ones, after I put as unemployed I'm able to candidate to the teams from NCAA


3rd - This is more to see if I'm doing it right or wrong.
So I created a NCAA league and defined it as main competition, added the conferneces (24) as sub competition and created the stages for NCAA (for now a league with the 24 for champions from each conference)

Added the conference, defined  the stages and the champion to go to the NCAA  but this last part doesn't happen.

Also when playing, even if the dates are equal to all the conferences some are annual others are bi-annual. Other thing is that I can't see the champion history winners. Every conference (not all because some are just league) are League + Cup (bracket) how can I define that the cup winner is the conference champion and not the league winner?

Basically all the teams are defined as teams in Conference


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