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Release Football Manager 2006 on Steam?

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Not sure how many people are aware but Windows have stopped supporting SafeDisc and some versions of SecuROM (DRM) which means you can no longer play older versions of Football Manager anymore. Is there any chance the older Football Manager's (2005, 2006, 2007) can be released on Steam so we can still play them? I for one am not interested in the modern Football Manager's they take a ridiculous amount of time to play through, too many features and it runs far too slow for my liking, I prefer the older games which have a far more simplistic look and feel about the games, plus you can get through seasons a lot quicker. Will SI ever release their full catalogue of FM's on Steam? Thanks. 

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With some of the older ones the last patch we released in some instances removed the need for DRM, so may be worth trying them making sure you have the final released patch. 

Some (but not all) of these can be found by the relevant title on the SIGames website such as for FM07 - http://www.sigames.com/games/football-manager-2007

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As was said in the opening post in this thread, W10 changed the way that the operating system dealt with DRM and many users have reported that they couldn't get older games to work.  Others a have managed it but there is no magic formula and it appears to be trial and error.  There is no guarantee that the game will run, I'm afraid.

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