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World Super League - By Mikenevo

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World Super League (v3) - The first version to find itself published as I feel it finally fits the bill!

It consists of 5 Tiers and 4 cup competitions, plus every league and cup competition has prize money from top to bottom...

World Super League - Split into 2 leagues of 20 teams, with the top 4 teams from both leagues competing in a Champions play-off to decide the overall winner. The champions of both leagues also face off in the Super Cup.

World Nations League One, Two and Three - One and Two are split into 4 leagues and Three is split into 8 leagues

World Conference League - Split into 8 leagues of 20 teams

World Super Cup - The two champions of the World Super League face off

World Club Cup - Consists of every team from every league

World League Cup - Consists of every team from the top 3 tiers

World Micky Mouse Cup - Consists of every team from the bottom 2 tiers

PLEASE NOTE - Feedback is essential to making this better, so don't be shy! Good or bad feedback are both welcome. Also, I will be improving on this version to add more tiers and cups.

World Super League (v3).fmf

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