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creating own friendlies and managing youth team

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Hi, I'm playing this FM 19 edition for the 1st time in years.

In the last edition I played (10 years plus ago), it was possible to

A - create your own friendlies/pre-season schedule - is this possible now? (it seems that in FM19 the AI of the game does this for you automatically, although you do have an option to mange the u23/u18s if you want to in friendlies once the AI has arranged them) .

B - manage the U18's for competitve games instead of the U18 manager? - it looks like in FM you can only manage the U18's in friendlis and your U18 manager by defaut always manages them in competitve games - can you change this?

Thanks for any help you can provide

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Thanks for your help much appreciated.

1. How do you get to the schedule screen?

2. When I do staff then responsiblities, the default setting is whomever the U18 manager is and its in shadow it doesn't allow me to change it - is this possible? (presumely a way around it, is to sack the u18 manager so that no one is automatically set as a default?)


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