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Following the gaming code for performances

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Does anybody else find the realism of pallying around players very boring and also playing the ultimate underdog with team talks very boring?  

Why make a game where the only way to win is get the best players possible for the league your competing in? In the long run every successful real player plays the same, buy the best available for the clubs rep, successful team talks matching the ambitions and playing the happiness code. 

It I fine a player 2 weeks for getting a 6.1 v bottom of the league, I don’t expect him to script play bad for 9 out the next 10 games. 

I find playing the code for success boring and repetitive, future games, i’d like to tell my striker his useless and for him then to want to prove me wrong rather than refusing to score.


Also, the coding of holding on to leads, if I set to very defensive, time wasting full, tight, slow tempo you know, as normal, how the hell do Stoke ship 6 past me, the tactical side of the game is mental. 

Morale coding simulator. 

Boring repetitive and play the develops way, their isn’t another way, just play happy familys or don’t play the game.

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