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Clear Cut Chance column by player


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Would it be possible to include CCCs as a column that can be associated by a player.  We could have a CCC by player for a season and CCC converted. 

At the moment all we have is CCC as a raw number which is helpful too  analyse our tactics, but if we wanted to see how good specific players are at converting chances then CCC by conversion rate would be a very helpful number.

At the moment I actually go through an entire season by myself to draw up that kind of analysis. In the long run it would also be beneficial to players who are coming to grips with the game. The SOT number is used a lot, but a more effective way to gauge how well your side is at converting those chances should be more helpful.

At the moment we have a SOT% which is very helpful, but a CCC% which tell me whether the right player was on the end of most of the CCCs

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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