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(V4.1) has now been released to include Tier 7 and upgrades to the cup competitions!

World Super League (v4.1)

It consists of 7 Tiers and 4 cup competitions, plus every league and cup competition has prize money from top to bottom...

World Super League - Split into 2 leagues of 20 teams, with the top 4 teams from both leagues competing in a Champions play-off to decide the overall winner. The champions of both leagues also face off in the Super Cup.

World Nations League One, Two and Three - One and Two are split into 4 leagues and Three is split into 8 leagues

World Conference League - Split into 8 leagues of 20 teams

World Conference League Tier 2 - Split into 8 leagues of 20 teams

World Conference League Tier 3 - Split into 16 leagues of 20 teams

World Super Cup - The two champions of the World Super League face off

World Club Cup - Consists of every team from every league

World League Cup - Consists of every team from the top 4 tiers

World Micky Mouse Cup - Consists of every team from the conference leagues

PLEASE NOTE - Feedback is essential to making this better, so don't be shy! Good or bad feedback are both welcome. Also, I will be improving on this version to add more tiers and cups.

World Super League (V4.1).fmf

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I'm currently working on Tier 6 of the pyramid, again just like tier 5, it will consist of 8 leagues of 20 teams and there are a lot of American and English teams from the Championship, along with a whole host of different Nations clubs, from Sudan to Australia. Perfect for those people who prefer to keep it local and want to reach the top of the world!

There won't be any cups added in to this update, but we will see a shift in which leagues represent which cups. When I get around to Tier 7, we will see another cup added along with a planned extra 16 leagues which should feature clubs from League One.

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If anybody has suggestions for cup names, or even league names, let me know. I'm not very creative on that front!

Also, you'll notice that I set up relegation in the top tiers to be very different to the usual, with play-offs involving not only the relegation candidates of that league, but also the promotion candidates from the league below. However, further down in league 3 and the conference, it's just like you'd get in the English leagues. It would be good to know what people prefer, as personally I think play-offs involving both leagues makes it very interesting.

Also, if people do like the play-offs, would you say I should do that for every tier?

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Version 4.1 has just been released. There were problems with version 4, so I fixed the issue's whilst also including an extra tier which came with 16 leagues! There are now 848 clubs within this super league database.

There will be another Tier being added at some point, but it is possible that improvements will be made to tier 2, 3 and 4 before that happens.

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14 hours ago, mikenevo said:

I would love to hear you ideas for different names, I'm not very creative on that front.

You could always use Company names. So I had the 3M Premier League, United Healthcare Championship & the Snap-On League one, two & Three for one save.

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