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Help with Player Registration in EFL

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Started a save as Shrewsbury Town in League One. 

EFL rules state that you need a minimum of one player who has been 'trained at the club for 3 years before their 21st birthday' in your 18-man match-day squad. For some reason none of my players are eligible other than two 16 year-olds in my youth squad who are nowhere near first team level and so I'm effectively playing each match with only six subs. 

In real life Ryan Barnett or Ryan Sears are the players who are included in the match-day squad but neither of them are eligible in-game and I don't understand why. Barnett and Sears are both 18 and have both been at the club for 3 years as per the EFL rules. In addition to these two, there are many more players in the squad who have been trained at the club and should meet the eligibility restrictions but for some reason they don't, and I'm forced to include one of the two 16 year-olds from my youth team who are of no use to my first team squad.

Can anybody help with this as it makes no sense to me?

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13 hours ago, FrazT said:

Have any of the young players been on loan as loan periods do not count towards trained at club status?

Sears has spent one year out on loan, but Barnett has spent all of his time at the club. I know for a fact that either of these players have been used to fill the quota in real life.

In our last league game, Sears was the player 'trained at the club' included in the match-day squad. However, in-game none of the 18 players on the team sheet, which I've attached, meet the 'trained at club' criteria...

Can someone fix this? It's so frustrating.

Team Sheet.jpg

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