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Any way to increase AI transfer frequency?


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Is there any way to modify this? Made a DB to increase power of the Scandinavian leagues (increased budgets, prize money, reputation across Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway).

A lot of teams have a few million to spend and there are lots of front/back-end/underwriters around, plus teams like Kobehavn and Malmo are rich after going on European runs (I've checked using FMRTE and some teams have over €10m transfer budget). But teams are still only buying very few players at very cheap prices, pretty much always within the region.

So what can I do to 'force' teams to want to do more transfers? I'm managing Djurgardens right now and next season is going to be super easy because I'm the only one improving their team....

I know you can change country stats to reflect where teams are more likely to buy players from but there has to be a way to stimulate transfers in AI teams, right??

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