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new version ... worst match engine.. as always!!!

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I have been playing this game from championship manager 1995, and let me tell u something, after all these years I realize that the developers of this game, never touch a football ball on their lives... or even saw a complete football game... or even understand the rules of the game...hundreds of thousands of developing and testing hours, and the engine every version is worst than last... more unrealistic.. seriously I think you should freeze a version and year to year release a new updated version of the database...just that...

I play the game commentary mode, because watching it, causes me fever, players take always really stupid decisions, so I think that's really better, visual game just to watch goals in important matches. Additionally usually play with smaller teams, play with real madrid or barcelona or teams like them I consider it for tourists.

The game started to suck, when introduced the different roles in positions, adding an unnecessary complexity, Full back,wingback,inverted back etc.., a left defender is a left defender, period, you can send him to join to the attack or wait, or support and that's all, all these roles create a behavior for the player that is subjective to the developers(who never played a game in their lives) of the game, they for example assume that if the player is wingback, he has to have X attributes, and that's bullSt... all these subjective attribute combinations for specific positions makes you to have to read an entire manual guide and obtain a FM degree to align the best 11 in the field, Marcelo in real life is THE BEST left defender no matter the subjectivity of the role to play, however in this game playing him fullback will be really different than wingback... and that's a really big mistake of this game design.

But, the worst is that no matter the orders you give to the players in the tactic, they did not even care about that, for example, literally happened in 4 games in a row, i'm winning for 1 goal, change formation to a time wasting, ultra defensive tactic, and the opposite team,  draw the match minute 90+5, ok, it can happen in one game, but no in 4 straw games, when I see the replay in the view mode, I saw my team attacking like the life was on it, although the order is DEFEND, TIME WASTING. 
The additional orders in the tactic board, are designed from somebody who no doubt has some grade of ****** mental development, just imagine mourinho order:  Take more risks, Ease of tackles, hold to the ball.. wtf????? I think all these complexity makes the engine completely unpredictable, without any logic, and losing the spirit of the game, which is spend a fun time playing it, in this game you can not analyze what happen if you lose, since is completely random, you lost, game over, bad luck.

You lost the game by 3 goals,  you reset, play the game again with the exact same 11, and voila, you win 5-1... wtf???

Now the new "supertactic" that is being evangelized is 4-2-3-1, tried it and it is an epic fail, and the "gurus" are saying that "there's no single tactic, just adapt it to the rival"... wow...I don't see why I have to adapt my tactic to the opposition, since the opposition don't adapt the tactic against me....

Seriously guys, the first versions of the game was much much superior in the match engine, I like the new features etc.. , but it has gone too far...right now the game has been kardashianized with features like journalism and players offended for almost everything, probably in the next version players will have the will to join to the #meetoo movement...

In conclusion, I think the game itself should be much more simple than actual is, much more intuitive, and make the players order really specific, if I tell a player to be defending I don't want to see him dribbling in the oppositions area.


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Welcome to the forums.  As we always say, constructive criticism of the game is welcomed, but your first sentence is hardly constructive.  if you wish to continue to post here, please ensure that you fully read the forum rules that you agreed to abide by when you signed up.  Specifically, read this one which is very relevant for posts like yours.



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