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Some suggestions:

1 - Negotiate sponsorships, inclusive in the stadium. Option to rent for shows or play games in other stadiums.

2 - Trading: When making / receiving an offer for a player, it would be interesting to have the list of players that the club can offer us or to send them a list for them to choose. It is very rare to conduct negotiations involving exchange of players.

3 - Negotiate part of the players pass with groups of businessmen and agents.

4 - Merchandise - Should have the option of launching a campaign (example: fan partner, this already exists in Brazil) and other more commands in this area. It's all very automatic, needs immersion.

5 - Drama - Include a bit of drama, for example: Player had a car accident, player was drunk and driving, etc.

6 - Problems with organized cheer. Example: Boca x River.

7 - More basic categories, sub-15, under-13 ... these categories do not need to be playable, but we should invest and monitor possible promises.

8 - Players should have an advertising contract. Example Ronaldo Fenomeno with Nike, etc .. They could participate in tv shows, increase the charisma.. and with that impact on the merchandise

9 - Increase the staff .. possibility of hiring doctors and not only physiotherapists ..

10 - Receiving phone calls / contacts from another agent or former players by offering unknown players more often.

11 - The AI should be able to make / receive loans from players with fixed purchase price or financial amounts through the loan .. This need to be more often.

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1 - no, in no way part of a manager's job

2 - yes, would be nice

3 - not sure I understand what you mean

4 - same as #1

5 - legal (and "moral") reasons saying this won't be part of the game in the foreseeable future

6 - same as #3

7 - would be nice, at least where applicable, but I don't think this will be a priority any time soon

8 - personally, I don't think it would add much to the game

9 - ok

10 - as long as my setting of having no players offered by agents won't be impacted, then ok

11 - more realism in the transfer world is always welcome

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