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Realistic formation which you prefer not to use (or you thought so in the past)

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Its funny to look how preferences are changing. I was admired of first Jose's Chelsea and his Inter too, but never like Real or second Chelsea of Mourinho.
Reverse situation with Guardiola. In general, after time I can see how my preferences evolved

I never like formation 442 and arrogantly said "It is a relic of the past!". I can use 4123, 4231, 532, 523, 3421, 3412 etc, but only not 442. And now its my favourite formation, especially in using of one IWB (I really have pleasure to see how LB plays in CDM position :rolleyes:)



And what your favourite/unfavourite tactic for now or in the past? How your preferences evolved?

(But lets speak about realistic formations only ;))

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For me i always wanted to pull of a good old 442 with big man/little man up top, am not the most tactically astute but this years versions with the presets help loads - love scouting for 6ft 5 strikers to ping balls up too - i like to play what the kids call anti-football with a big strong team kicking lumps out the opposition. 

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My natural instinct always is going for three in the back. Whatever comes in front of them depends on my mood and available players. Which is one of the reasons I'm waiting for the big winter update and finalised product as my team is perfect for this type of play for another longtime file.

If I can't go three in the back, I feel lost and unwell without a strong DM or pretty defensive CM in a three man pairing. 

Combining these two, I have always dreamt of an evil, evil 352 with 2 DM. Now with SVs available it even sounds possible in not purely destructive ways. 

Right now my favourite is a flat defensive 4141 (One DM, four in the normal midfield) because it is defensively solid and when it gets a good play going it looks nice. Also makes for relatively quick games as there are not too many highlights. 

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