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(Suggestion) Scouting report and highlights package should be more closely linked


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I’d like to see the scouting report and highlights package more closely linked.

For example, let’s say I scout player X. The scouting report comes back with pros and cons as normal. After enough scouting, there should be highlights from matches, as there currently is.

what I want is for the highlights to be split into specific packages relating to the pros and cons in the scout report. Let’s say one of the pros is that the player is a very good finisher. I’d like a little highlights package next to that which shows me examples of this. Same for each of the pros that could have a demonstrable highlight.

likewise, the scout says the player needs to work on his dribbling. Again, little highlights button next to this which shows examples where he is dribbling.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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