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Team meeting

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You will get a message in your inbox from your assistant telling you now it's the moment to hold a team meeting. It usually happens when the morale is low or you need a few points more to secure your objective.

You have to think very good about the way you approach it as it's very easy to lower the morale of the squad. For example, if your team was predicted to get relegated and you are midtable with with a few games to play, I think it was a succesful season. If you are Juventus or Bayern Munchen and you are 2nd with 2 games to play, it's another story.

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28 minutes ago, FrazT said:

As the others have said, only hold a meeting if essential as it has a better than even chance of it all going wrong if you do!

Ano mate 5 games remaining in the SPL and 2 points ahead of Celtic with The famous Glasgow Rangers 💙

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20 hours ago, Dally said:

How often do I give a team meeting in fm20?

As a last resort, particularly in your first few years of managing.  When you get some success and a higher reputation, they can go reasonably well, but initially they are to be avoided.

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