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FM 19.2 comedychrissy Attacking Corner set up

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Hi folks, 

So I get people have been having trouble with corners this patch. I have a routine that is not an exploit, not a glitch but just helps generate a higher percentage of goals.

It's inspired by the musing of @MerryGuido on Twitter and his strikerless.com website. I got the idea for the long shot mayhem outside the box directly from a post he made.

I am averaging about a goal or more every two games.

DL takes left corners, DR takes right corners or whoever proxies as per your own formation.

I don't/won't have patreon and will keep all my content I share free, so a 'like' on my FB page would be massively appreciated.


Any questions please ask below, happy to help. If I ain't answering quickly, just DM me on here or FB which I check daily. I hope all of this is compliant with the forum rules. If not, i'll amend as appropriate.

Thanks in advance



corner setup.png

Corners left DL Takes.fmf

Corners right DR Takes.fmf


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