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(FM 19) Dutch complete pyramid, 183 leagues

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This file displays all 183 leagues that make up the dutch league pyramid.

All teams should start in the right leagues, given the number of approximately 2600 teams I however cannot guarantee for that.

FC Lienden and HVV Hollandia, who have withdrawn from their respective league midway through the season,  start with a 25 point deduction. The defunct Oranje Zwart Helmond don't feature in this file.

No Periodekampioenen and Nacompetities, as I could not find a way to create them using the basic editor only.

Unlike in real life,there is promotion from the Tweede Divisie into the Keuken Kampioen Divisie.



Hope you enjoy,



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I decided against U18 teams as youth intake day provides every club  with a couple of  youngsters  anyway.


But it should take you only a couple of minutes to make that file senseful for you.

Using the Reserves/Youths option in the editor , you can provide every club with an u18 team or whatever reserve/youth outfit you wish.

However, this might slow down the game even further as it adds a large number of leagues.



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