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Club stature is being tarnished by team performances?

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Hello guys. So, my board seems to be a little crazy. I currently manage Panathinaikos, and:

In the first year I finished second (predicted 5th) and won the Football Cup.  (I was banned from Europa League next year though due to financial mis-management)

In the second year I won the league and went in the Group stages of Champions League

I have won 62 games, drew 12 and lost 7.

During these two years the Club's reputation went up half a star (3.5), same reputation as the other strong teams in my league.

I have a domestic player bias of 45%.

What more do they want for the club stature to increase? They currently tell me that the club's reputation is being tarnished due to team performances (confidence at 35%). That couldn't be further from the truth.


What am I missing here?

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  • SI Staff

Hi @Lamias,

Thank you for your information. Could you please raise this in our FM19 Bugs forum under 'All Other Gameplay'


If you are exceeding expectations, then it would seem strange for them to refer to team performances. If you also could provide us with a save and upload that to our cloud that would be appreciated. You can access our cloud via the following link: 


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