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How to add immersion when the world is full of regens


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This is half discussion (or trying to) and half possible suggestions, I'm sorry if it's not the correct board for it.

Problem (to me): After some seasons, the game starts being less appealing because the players I know are either too old or already retired, and the vast, vast majority of the new players (the so-called regens / newgens) I don't know. Obviously, every football fan knows the real players from watching the games, TV, the news, discuss about them. The regens we just know from the game and are different each save. Even with vast scouting networks, I don't really know them... to the point that I'm not enjoying journeyman saves. I start in a small club, and really enjoy building my way up to a big club. But when I reach the big club, most of my favorite (real) players are not there anymore. I end up being hired by Barcelona with Messi, Suarez, Vidal, Pique, Alba and Rakitic in their high 30s, all of them "screaming" to be replaced in the first team for unknowns. Didn't really enjoyed it.

Solution (possible ones): I'm thinking about ways to make those players known to us. Like, creating way more news about them. Imagine, give regular news about other big teams, talking about their "stars", and also create other types of news where the "journalist" is making a piece about a "phenomenal wonderkid grabbing everyone's attention at club X or country Y". Basically, try to replicate the type and flow of news pieces that we also see in real world when an "unknown" player start grabbing the attention of everyone in football. In a way that we not only know about them, but also start liking them, you know what I mean? In the beggining of a save I love to play with Messi, or Neymar, or Mbappé, or Casillas, because I like them. I can't like a regen I don't even know of their existence, or just saw a scouting report saying he is good.

I would like to invite you all to the discussion and maybe give ideas better than mine to try to envolve us more with the "player population" that we have after some seasons.

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