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any way of adding more coaches

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any way of adding more coaches to the orig set up? i know you can pester the board but its not realistic at all. example if they say no then you cant ask for another like 6 months its a bit silly when in reality you can just bosh them another email a week later or the next day every day if your feeling real brave.

so i know you can do it in fmrte but i am opted into the beta so that wont load up.

you used to be able to do it in the in game editor but doesnt seem like you can now ?

i have put this in the editor bit as well but doesnt seem like people post there much so put in here too.


si make the going to the board bit more realistic esp if you have heavy on your schedules in training, the board should be coming to you to add more coaches 

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It is not possible to do it in the game other than by making a board request. Nor can you increase the number of permitted coaches with the IGE. You can use the IGE to transfer a coach to your club but this does not increase the number of coaches that the board will permit. I don’t know about FMRTE or any other external editor.

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