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A redemption journey, man that sounds fun


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After having a bug with my hall of fame save, and finding a bug in the add on leagues for my second attempt at a career to post, I've decided to go with something different, and no added databases for this 1. Third time lucky and all that.

I take absolutely zero credit for the idea behind this save, I have added some 'extras' into it though. The idea came from some of the  greatest reads this site has to offer in the form of the nearly men threads from @ManUtd1, I have spoken to him and got his blessing to post this thread though. His threads are about the 'nearly men' of football, as in the runners up of the Champions Leagues as he takes those teams and attempts to win the Champions League with them. He's done it in Europe and currently Africa, however my idea takes place in North & South America. So without further ado, let's get into it.

The Copa Libertadores is the South American equivalent of the UEFA Champions League and since it's inception the Libertadores has seen many winners from the South American teams, and more recently Mexican sides. It has also seen 18 teams get to the final but come up short. The CONCACAF Champions League is the North American version of our Champions League, it used to be in a cup format before changing to mimic our own version and has been dominated by Mexican teams, with 22 teams getting to the final and leaving as the losing side. I am including teams from the previous format of the CONCACAF Champions League for this challenge.

This thread is about those teams who have got to the final and ended up losing. 

Housekeeping first. I'm only using leagues that come with the 'vanilla' version of the game, so no added leagues. Due to this, there are some teams that I can't manage, such as teams from Ecuador, Paraguay and so on. The reason for this is I've not had much luck using databases created in the editor recently, that's not a knock against the guys using their own time to make them, it's just I've not been that lucky and encountered game breaking issues.

At the start of the game, the following 14 playable teams have got to the final of the Copa Libertadores and failed to win it:

1985, 1986, 1987, 1996 America de Cali (Colombia)
1978, 1999 Deportivo Cali (Colombia)
1981, 1982 Cobreloa (Chile)
1988, 1992 Newell's Old Boys (Argentina)
1972 Universitaro de Deportes (Peru)
1975 Union Espanola (Chile)
1993 Universidad Catolica (Chile)
1997 Sporting Cristal (Peru)
2001 Cruz Azul (Mexico)
2005 Atletico Paranaense (Brazil)
2008 Fluminense (Brazil)
2010 Guadalajara (Mexico)
2015 Tigres UANL (Mexico) 
2017 Lanus (Argentina)

Also at the start of the game, the below 11 teams have got to the CONCACAF Champions League final and left as the losing team:

1978 Leones Negros (Mexico)
1991 Puebla (Mexico)
1998 DC United (USA)
2002, 2003 Morelia (Mexico)
2012, 2013 Santos Laguna (Mexico)
2016, 2017 Tigres UNAL (Mexico)
1993 Club Leon (Mexico)
2011 Real Salt Lake (USA)
2014 Deportivo Toluca (Mexico)
2015 Montreal Impact (USA)
2018 Toronto (USA)

The aim for this save is to win the competition the above teams failed to win. If any of the above teams win the Libertadores or CONCACAF Champions League they are removed form the challenge. Likewise if any other team, as in not listed above gets to the final of any of the competitions and fails to win it, they become eligible. I had intended to include the Copa Sudamericana as well, however that would bring the eligible teams at the start up to 35, and no way I'd manage to get all those in.

There are no set in stone rules for this save, I just want to have fun and try and do in game what the above teams couldn't in real life. However the only thing in place (as same as the inspiration threads) is if I win the Libertadores or Champions League I must leave that team. I am allowing myself to leave a team at my own free will but ONLY to an eligible team or nation (see below), the reason for this is due to the club I am starting at. There are a total of 24 eligible teams at the start of the game and I'm expecting some of those to win the competition in game and others to become eligible. I'll be as realistic as possible, I probably won't even manage all of these teams but I'll give it a good go. You'll notice Tigres are eligible for both competitions and I intend to try and get them to glory in both.

As a 'bonus' challenge, in it's current format the CONCACAF Gold Cup (since 1991) has seen Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica & Panama get to the final only to lose. I will include those nations in the game set up to make sure I can manage them. Likewise if any other North American nation becomes eligible they will be included. The South American equivalent the Copa America there are no eligible teams from the start as all who had got to a final have also won it in another final. Ecuador & Venezuela haven't got to a final in real life, however if they do in game, they become eligible.


1093830998_FootballManager2019_NewGameChooseNations.thumb.png.16e558d4b6086ed9019c216e702fb041.png 1506067407_FootballManager2019_NewGameChooseNations-2.thumb.png.4b98fe27edfee65ae090be204f6d9a02.png 

To make this challenge as realistic as possible, I am going to start with the lowest rep team that is playable from the start. Note my above comment that I am allowing myself to move on before winning the Libertadores, but only to another eligible team. 

Hailing from the bright lights of Mexico City, Santiago Nunez sets out on a journey of epic proportions, so grab some popcorn, get comfy because all being well, this is going to be 1 hell of a ride. 

The flight from Mexico City to Calama in Chile is a long one, but we're on our way.....


Vamos a hacer un viaje, hombre



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