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fix Mentoring / Link to Training Units instead


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Mentoring to be made available when Player x is training with senior squad..

basically at the moment a player has to be in the same squad to be mentored by another player.. however this SHOULD also be available by the modification of our training "units" as i currently have 2 of my U23 Gk's training with the senior side but they're in the U23 squad.. surely this is where "most" of the mentoring would take place (on the training pitch) whilst any off the pitch mentoring takes place away from the pitch (be it a match or training) and so the squad (senior, u23 or u18) the player is in is largely irrelevant.. knowing SI though the fix for this will be to REMOVE the ability for youth players to train in the Seniors training units..

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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