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Fm19 training

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I've been playing playing CM/FM for numerous years now and the new training is stupidly confusing, unnecessary and downright baffling.

When i complain on the site, the fact that I'm directed to a long winded thread trying to explain it makes my eyes glaze over and strengthen my argument that it's an absolute bloody mess of a quagmire to figure out in the first place.

I get numerous folk telling me to leave it to the Ass Man, but let's face it, I wouldn't trust the AI with anything this version! 

It's just an aweful, confusing mess and I absolutely hate it with a passion.

Menus within submenus that I'm quite frankly scratching my head at.  

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For me, it's made the game far too complicated and further alienating new players trying to access the game.

Whatever happened to saying to a player, "Yeah lad, you need to improve your heading"?

Now I need to employ unnecessary u19 data analysts and sports scientists with little or no explanation with what they add to my team.

Things are getting way too nitty gritty for my liking for nothing to show for it. Where's it going to stop? That we employ the kitman And tell him what washing powder to use?

A line needs to be draw as to what's necessary and what's just bull.

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I know the thread was locked but I just want to add something.

@Bothan Spy  If you have constructive feedback of how you feel the game is falling short, you are welcome to create a new thread either here or in the Bugs Forum - Training and Medical Centre section. 

Examples of specific issues you are having would be a good starting point (with examples and how exactly these things are affecting your gameplay) and would be much more likely to be looked at rather than this type of generalised rant.  I appreciate you're frustrated (to say the least) but being specific and constructive will always beat this type of "feedback".

One other thing to add:

2 hours ago, Bothan Spy said:

I get numerous folk telling me to leave it to the Ass Man, but let's face it, I wouldn't trust the AI with anything this version!

The AM can actually be pretty good at Training.  However, if you are seeing otherwise this could be a good area to provide specific constructive feedback:- why wouldn't you trust the AI?  Specifically what is he doing wrong?  How is he negatively affecting your player's development?  And so on.

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