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Determination dropping with members of senior sauad

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Hi folks, 


First time I've ever felt the need to make a post, been playing since champ man days.


I've notice various members of my senior squads determination continually dropping. 


Was looking for what may be causing this, some are newgens and others are existing players.

Apologies for these screenshots coming from my phone, I don't know how to take screen shots 😞







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Only really within my squad. 

The odd thing is some players seem to be totally immune to this, I would sa my squad is rather determined and this is what is confusing me. It mostly seems to happen right after I sign a player. With most players who have been at the club from the start of the game not being affected.


After having a quick look I can't find a single player who has increased determination, or if they have it has dropped back down within a few months. 

Do you know how much of an impact the team leader(s) determination will effect the rest of the squad? My three team leaders have determination of 14, 12 and 14.

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  • Administrators

Sometimes it can be related to other players at the squad as you've said - as your team leaders have a relatively low determination it can affect others in the squad. Do you have any mentoring groups set up? If players are in a mentoring group with a player with significant influence, again this can potentially tie in.

There are a number of other factors as far as I'm aware. Perhaps @Seb Wassell can divulge more when he's next online. 

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Yes I have three groups set up neither of the players I have posted above are involved so that would make sense that their determination could be getting dragged down by the team leaders. (No team leaders are involved in any groups due to their low determination) 


I'll try adding one of them to a current group to see the effect.

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  • SI Staff

As mentioned by Brock, Mentoring is often the largest factor in medium to long term personality shifts.

If these players are not involved in Mentoring I would suggest that it is one of two things:

  1. When signing a player there is an option to "Welcome to club", this sets up a short mentoring-like interaction between the two. If the mentor has lower Determination than the mentee you could see a Determination drop.
  2. Players interact with others in their social group, with personality shifts taking place as part of this. Whilst Mentoring is 'more powerful' than social group dynamics, the latter could still cause the Determination drop you are seeing.

Additionally there are rare events which can dramatically impact a player's Determination, although that does not look to be the case here.

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 If the mentor has lower Determination than the mentee you could see a Determination drop.

This has been a factor for several years now. It has always struck me as unrealistic, and somewhat irritating. But when it now seems to have been coupled with the overall group dynamics, it's another reason why the introduction of  dynamics has shat all over this game. I've been playing football games for years ands I've always wanted to play something that's about skill, and tactics. And while I understand that player power is now said to be more important, I buy this game to do football, not HR management.

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Right I'm a season further forward.


Set up a mentoring group as shown in the photo. (Top group)

The mewgen is receiving zero effect as far as I can see. 

Not played fm for a few years now but this is making increasing determination in newgens impossible as well as increadably frustrating.






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I believe this is a bug in FM19. 


I have a squad with average determination of 15-16 yet everyone experiences Determinations drops 2-3 points to as low as 12. I just used the editor to put their determination back up to their starting number as it's a flaw with the game.

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There's a response from SI staff in this thread. 

Seb provided two other options that you could check, if its not those and its still happening then its likely that you need to make a bug post and upload your save file so that they can have a closer look. The screenshots aren't really that good, I'd just suggest if you are going to use them to use the print screen button, or get a tool like gyazo that crops the selection of the screen and immediately uploads it.

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