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FM17 kit problem

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I created kits with fmscout smart shirts designer 2 and followed all the steps to get it into the game by downloading a kit pack and changing the config. All was going well and the kits appeared in game however i was just messing around with the in-game editor and messed with the jersey details and the kits returned to the football manager default. I've tried everything to get it back but it won't work.

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I would try the following:

1. Go into Preferences and then Interface, take the tick/check out of "Use Caching To Decrease Loading Times" (or "Use Skin Cache" or similar, I can't remember exact wording used in FM17.

2. Then click on "Clear cache" (or "Clear Skin Cache" or similar)

3. Change to a different skin (that should bring your kits back)

4. Change back to your original skin if you wish

This will usually sort out any "stuck" graphics or problems with various graphics not showing.

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