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Biggest League Win Ever

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Hi Guys,


I just recorded my biggest ever league win, in my whole time playing the FM series. 


10-1 !!! 


The most crazy part is, I was playing some of my youth / fringe players to rest others for the next few matches.


What is your biggest win?




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my biggest win on FM in a league match is 12-0 which I achieved on FM12 away to Sunderland. The closest I have came to beating that since then was during a 25 season stint at Feyenoord. My team beat our main title rivals Vitesse 13-2. I did get a new record in that match though as my striker Ton Viereck scored 8 of the goals on his own. Thought I had better provide a bit of evidence with a screenshot. I did achieve some bigger victories against amateur sides in the Dutch Cup but I would always take off a striker once he reached 5 or 6 goals because I felt Viereck deserved to keep that record. 

feyenoord records.png

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