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How to fix default skin league tab logo size


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Its stretched to match the size of the column, small logo should be 18x25 i believe but create-a-club doesnt allow to upload a small logo, just one file which is supposed to be 180x180 so i need workaround :(

Shame on me i tried create-a-club again but im so far in the 2022 i dont even want to switch to fm2019 now

thanks for the reply tho

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Post it in the bugs forum firstly to make the developers aware that it may potentially be an issue.

Small logos tend to be 20x20 so it looks as if the game has scaled your image to fit those dimensions - was the logo you started with actually 180x180? Or at least a uniform dimension that would scale down to 20x20 without altering the aspect ratio?

If you can obtain the UID of your club you may be able to apply custom logos to the team using a config.xml file in the same manner as other custom logos for the game.

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