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Help With Work Permit Issues


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So, I've just signed two young regens from Peru and Brazil while managing Derby and they needed work permits which they wouldn't get because they're both 18y/o. No problem I thought, I have a Spanish affiliate I can send them on loan to and IIRC Central and South Americans only need to spend two years in Spain or Portugal to gain Spanish or Portuguese nationality. Well apparently that isn't true according to the game saying the need to spend 5 years there, and I'd prefer not to wait that long to be able to play them.

I also forgot to mention that in my save we had a mild brexit (the one where the footballers are classified as entertainers or something.)

If anyone could provide help or tell me I got something wrong I'd be grateful



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You can also re-apply for wp every 120 days and with a quality player like this it's only a matter of time before he starts playing international football I'd think, and then the application might get accepted. So you wouldn't really have to wait five years.

I also have a question on wp issues. I have a really good players on my hands that's 19 years old an considered a good PL player. However, nobody wants to loan him, not even foreign clubs. I've tried offering him out for 7 months now and nothing. Does anybody know why this happens and has a solution?

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