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Option to tell player that he will be focused on league matches only


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The asian champions league has a foreign player rule that restricts the number of foreign players to 3 non asian and 1 asian player. However, many clubs leaves out one of their foreign players during registration.  This is mainly because asian clubs are more reliant on foreign players and having a foreign player for league only allows rotation and reduces injuries. This also allows clubs to fully utilize their league registration rules as in many cases it's different from the continental rules. For example, J1 league allows maximum 5 in the 18-man squad while china has allows 4 non asian fps. However, in fm if you leave a foreign player out for domestic competition he will often complain as usually foreign players are key players for the team. An option to tell the player that he will be focused on league matches will reduce the unnecessary difficulty of trying to appease the angry player. It should be a promise to the player and the player will expect to play a certain number of league matches.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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