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What do you like and don't like in FM19 compared to FM18?

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Where FM 18 was better IMO:

- tactics creator was more user-friendly in FM18, as you could clearly see how any change you would make affected different team instructions

- even though I cannot say I miss team shape too much, I actually liked it (once I understood how it worked, it helped a lot to create nice tactics)

- passing and pressing PIs were more flexible / adjustable

What I like in FM19:

- the introduction of the in-transition section of tactics and all options it contains :thup:

- the introduction of the line of engagement (this is something that brings the game closer to RL football)

An innovation that should be modified IMO is defensive width. Instead of having 3 levels of def width (narrow, standard and wide), I would suggest reducing it to only 2 - standard and narrow(er). Because (as I pointed out in some other threads) no team in real life defends wide. They either defend very narrow (deliberately leaving space on the flans) or not too narrow (which in FM would be standard). 

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