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Help with Training / Staff Responsibilities

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This year I'd like to put a bit more effort into understanding training, and what gets the most out of the players under my command. Currently I've taken over Hamburger SV and I'm keen to develop the likes of Arp, Vagnoman, van Drongelen etc. What I usually do is control general training myself and leave individual training to my Assistant Manager, but I am finding that difficult this year.

General training has become a lot more complicated and I have no idea what I should be doing. Some general guidelines would be appreciated on that front.

In regards to Individual training, I'm trying a realistic approach with Mangala in DM, Jatta on the left wing... but despite this, my Assistant Manager refuses to assign them these positions for individual training even though they need serious work on it. As previously mentioned I'd also like to work on developing the young players and aside from featuring them in the odd match I'd very much like to know how I could train them in order to get (at the very least, close to) their best out of them.


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