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Squad size or developed-in-country (In-game editor)


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I was an avid football manager player. I played every season from CM 97/98 until FM 2008. The reason for the stop that year is that there was a major change in the Norwegian football league, allowing before unlimited players from EU, but only max 2 people from outside EU. That made me able to build a squad the way I wanted, not have to think about how many are developed in Norway.
But the "new" rule was only 9 people from outside Norway is allowed. Don't really matter if they are Swedish or Brazilian. Developed outside Norway is only 9 player. You need 16 players that have spent 3 years before they turn 21 in Norway. And the Squad size is only 25
This is a real problem. And I can say it is the ONLY reason I stopped buying and playing Football manager from 2008. For me the fun part of Football manager is buying and selling players. And I tend to grow tired of players if they spent too long time in a club. I like buying 8-10 players a year and sell equal. Therefore it is very rare to see a player spend 3 years in my club before I can start using them and even more rare to not sell them.
Also because of that rule I need to buy them very young (17-18) and not being able to use them before they turn 21 and get the "national developed" status.
This year I heard about a 2018 feature (in-game editor) and I thought I could finally bypass that problem by editing their national developed status to Norway. Only it wont work. I can't change their history. I can change their national status, but not their developed status. The only important factor for me
I also thought I could perhaps change the rules in the Norwegian league from a Squad size of 25 to unlimited (or just higher- 50 perhaps). So I don't have to bother with; you are out and you are in -situations. But I can't find a way to do that, neither in pre or in-game editor.
I can't stress enough of how important this feature is for me. I play Football manager to only feel like a manager genius (even if it is just cheating) and i love competing in European cups with youngsters. I love searching for new players and bringing them to the club and I also love selling them for more cash. I can also only play in the Norwegian league, because it is the only league that interests me. Also it is way way way less matches to be played each season than the any other leagues. (meaning more season start and season endings)
(I sent this question too Sega help desk, but as I wait for a reply there, I hope there are some editior wizz on this site, allowing me to play the game as I want to play it.  As I have low hopes for a fix. )
Regards all.
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