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Hi guys. been doing a bunch of custom draft saves with my son. WE both draft our own team and we have the AI draft the other 14 teams so we have our own round of 16 custom champions league. The players are comprised of players from Europe. When we draft we use 650 million dollar cap and almost all of the other 14 teams finish the draft with over 200 million dollars not spent. Players like Sergio Ramos and Virgil van dyk dont get drafted unless we draft them. Basically my question is there a batch coming out or some kind of ability to get the other managers to spend more of their bank. 

Secondly my son is a fifa player and i introduced him to the game and he beats me most of the time, but to be honest my experience in the game is in lower league management and maybe I haven't figured out the tactics for players with such high skill, but i am determined to beat him.

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