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Loyal players and their game time


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Hello, quick suggestion
As I am playing my current save I took over a team with two goalkeepers. One of them is a complete club loyalist, he has been here for his whole career, since the nations 4th division. In real life he was always the second player and was more than ok with that.
But since I took over and kept him as the second GK he started to demand play time and caused and uproar in the team while forcing me to sell him.
Now, after years with the series I think I understand the whole process and the mechanism that work in this type of situations, but players of this type happen in the real life - the loyalist types that are the soul of the team, have been there for years and know that they don't have the skills to be the starters but are always there when you need them to fill the bench or the first squad for a few games.

So, in order to translate that to the game I propose a new type of relation for the player - Loyalist.
Similiar with how you set the Likes/Disliked the Club/Person the "Loyalist" relation would be set by the researcher in those rare cases.
Loyalist players wouldn't mind not getting the game time, would be easier on the new contract negotiations, etc.
The relation would be added to the player after a mixture of years played/achievments/player's age/relation with the manager values would get met.

As for the real life examples: Barlomiej Sielewski from Wisla Plock (basically played for the team since 2002, has been the teams main player when they were playing in second tier, now in the top tier he's the main captain that nearly never plays as he knows that he is not the best player in the team), Mateusz Oszmaniec from Bytovia Bytow (playing for them since 2008, went with them from 4th division to 2nd, he didn't play for two years in 2nd division but remained in the team simply because of the loyalty)
Sorry for only polish examples but these I know the best (and first hand since I managed both of these teams in this version) 

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