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Inbox overload

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One of my gripes is the inbox overload. I've been able to reduce it a bit (settings in scouting center, settings through social feed etc) but still I get message I don't really need/want to see, f.e.:


- Training review schedules : I've decided to not dabble in training, so I will never change a schedule so I don't want to see them as news items

- U-18 & U-21 match reports : I don't care really, once every 6 months or so I might check my youngsters and see how they are performing attribute wise. I don't need a news item for every single U18 or U21 match played.

- Television coverage: every week orso I get a message that a match has been replaced for television broadcasting and this nets us a measly amount of money. I don't need to see those.

I could go on, but those are the ones I know of top of my head. I feel that the big amount of news items just make it hard to "cruise" through the game, just go from match to match. I want to decide when I stop this cruising to change tactics, change training, scout players or go through the list of scouted players, etc and just change whatever I feel needs changing. But not those stops like 2x a day. (and yes, i have checked the reduce stops )

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Lower your subscriptions if you havnt already . Lower your details in the detail section.  I'm sure you can turn of training reports . But yes I agree there is way to much inbox to go through . You spend so much time in there rather than enjoying the game

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