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Need Help w/File Location

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So, got a new computer for Christmas.  I've got it set up on a network paired with my original PC.  I'm using a KVM switch to use one mouse and keyboard for both PC's. 

It appears that I had a Microsoft error (possibly with their cloud setup) with anothernon-Steam game.  I've fixed that (It triggered the file in that case to be "hidden").

So the issue with FM19.  I had files for tactics, skins, etc downloaded.  They did not migrate to the new machine.  So I've gone in and redownloaded the files I wanted and I have the files in the default folder.  They are not showing up in game.

I've gone in and copies/pasted the files into various places in This PC/Documents/..../FM19... and also C:/Users.../FM19 and D:/ProgramFiles(x86) which is were my Steam games are installed.  However even with them in all four locations that I can find they are not appearing in the game.  I have gone to Interface and Cleared Cached and reloaded.  I've gone into the file and confirmed it's not hidden.  Any ideas?

Yes I know this does relate some to tactics...but it's more all files that the game uses so I thought general was a better fit.

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58 minutes ago, Ragin Cajun said:

That's not an option in game to access.  Just C:/ or D:/ prompts. 

Hi @Ragin Cajun are you seeing the files in the file structure of the documents folder on your new PC?  so in ..\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019 of the default account? Thanks

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